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Snake shipping to the USA

A private client would like to relocate with his family and his CITES snake to the Unites States of America. We are talking about a Tiger Python here. The whole crew is going along with all household goods and of course the beloved pet snake is coming too.

Reptile shipping may not always be that easy particularly when the beloved exotic pet snake is a small Tiger Python. No panic – that’s what we are here for. As far as the Washington Protection of Species is concerned, this reptile, amongst many other exotic animals, falls under the category of protected species. Special documents are required in the case of such a reptile shipment. When importing or exporting a reptile in both entry and exit from Germany to USA. The peculiarity of this pet relocation is that it needs an export CITES document. In Germany the snake enthusiast can get this document from the respective federal office.

Flights can be booked once we have informed the client on everything he needs to know concerning this particular reptile shipping. We also take care of which airline is chosen. A special customs procedure needs to be initiated for an exotic CITES animal like this. Once everything has been seen to, an appropriate transport box can be manufactured for the reptile import. We take care of the manufacturing of this specialised box, which is produced according to current valid IATA norms who issue strict regulations about transport boxes for each and every animal species, especially when shipping a reptile. The customer does not have to worry one bit about whether or not he has the proper transport box. We know all the regulations and follow these to the T.

On the morning of the departure, the owner is required to deliver the snake to us with all the valid documents that are needed for such a pet relocation. After the papers have been approved the snake can be packed into its transport box and the reptile to be imported to the USA is ready for takeoff.

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