GRADLYN Petshipping Frankfurt

How to find us at the airport

If you have a satnav, you can find GRADLYN Petshipping by entering the following address:
Frankfurt am Main, Flughafen (60549) | Straße: Airportring

On arrival at Gate 26

  • Turn right and sign in with your valid photo ID at Visitor Registration (the small building on the right). You will then receive a smart card which you can use to open the barrier gate leading to the Cargo Centre.
  • Turn left at the barrier, and after you have passed the Lufthansa canteen (which is on your left), turn left again.
  • You will then see the car park for building 458.
  • Our office is located inside this building in the middle of the ground floor – entrance 458 E | Room number: 1169

Your animals are our customers and are welcome in our office area.
We are looking forward to your visit!