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Petshipping of pelicans and road runners

Flying birds as different as pelicans and roadrunners around the world to zoos on the other side of the globe is no easy task. Winter temperatures always pose a challenge.

Recently, G.K. Air’s expertise was required as four pelicans and six roadrunners, (the iconic non-flying bird from New Mexico,) needed to travel from the warm, sunny San Diego Zoo in southernmost California to the wintry Berlin Tierpark zoo in the German capital.

The first challenge Gradlyn had to face was the correct choice of transport cages for these very sensitive birds. Each species required a special cage as they had to be kept apart from each other rather than housed in the same cages. Often, that which is acceptable in a zoo is absolutely prohibited for birds in transport. In addition to this, special importation approvals were required as birds, regardless of species, must always even now be extremely carefully examined because of the dangers occasioned by bird flu.

A special quarantine cage is used to transport the birds directly from the aircraft to a temperature-controlled vehicle, specially-designed and owned by G.K. Air . This interim housing totally precludes temperature variations or the birds coming in contact with other animals. The responsible ministry’s strict regulations also must be stringently observed.
The “feels good” temperatures which the birds were able to have enjoyed during the whole length of their trip to the Berlin Tierpark were maintained the entire time uninterruptedly without a moment’s pause.

Despite the difficult driving conditions on the Autobahns leading to Berlin from Frankfurt, G.K.’s well-trained drivers routinely dealt with the severe snow and ice while avoiding traffic jams and delays. Thanks to the use of the alternative route to Berlin via Hannover, it was still possible to adhere to the agreed upon arrival time using what was in fact the faster route timewise albeit somewhat longer in terms of mileage. Bottom line: all avian passengers arrived at their new home in the Federal capital on time and in perfect condition.

As is usually the case, Gradlyn’s well-seasoned transportation team specialists experienced no problems at all. Thanks to G.K.’s more than 40 year’s experience, perfect team coordination and preparedness for all contingencies including any possible delays, it was “business as usual.” The same holds true for delivery of any species of house pet just as it is with large item zoo animals and reptiles as in this instance with birds.

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