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Desert foxes fly to New York

It is a long way in more ways than one for a group of desert foxes known as Fenneks to relocate from their temporary German home in Darmstadt, (a smaller city near Frankfurt in the state of Hessia,) all the way to permanent quarters at The Bronx Zoo in New York City.

Aside from the almost 4,000 mile distance between cities, both the zoo animal and human populations in City’s northernmost borough are almost 10 times as large. However, preparing intercontinental animal transportation is “business as usual” for G. K. Air whose experience transporting zoo animals, family pets, and animal collections globally for 40 years is unparalleled.

The first order of business was to prepare special transportation cages for the species-protected foxes, installing specially reinforced screening in GK’s standard Vario-Kennel cages, for these characteristically, cream-yellow colored creatures which are found in nature in the Sinai Peninsular and the Sahara Desert.

Easily distinguished by their large, pointy ears, Fenneks like to burrow in the earth using their sharp claws. En route in flight, they can easily destroy a standard cage which is why the extra effort was expended preparing the cages which otherwise are very stabile.

Being covered by the Cites-Endangered Species Act naturally required that special documentation for the exportation of the Fenneks from Germany was needed. G.K. Air’s well-versed team had all the necessary papers together well in advance, submitting everything to Customs officials prior to departure, and making sure that the American partner organization across the Atlantic had everything they needed to assure correct in-processing well ahead of time.

Given G.K. Air’s 40-years’ experience in international animal transport, the perfectly- designed plan enabled the animal’s air journey to be a short as possible. Throughout the trip the Fenneks climate-controlled environment was held to a constant 20’C/68’F assuring them fullest comfort en route, thanks to Gradlyn Kennels’ skillful application of experience and technology.

During their sojourn in the Darmstadt Vivarium outdoor zoo, the Fenneks lived in a savanna-like replica of their place of origin. In an adjacent thermal-house, the desert-dwellers could stay warm throughout the year including the cold season. The Fennek, belonging to the smallest of foxes, is markedly noticeable because of its disproportion-ately large-sized ears in relation to its body size. This attracted a great deal of attention in Darmstadt and made the Fennek one of the most popular attractions at the zoo. Undoubtedly, this will also be the case New York at the Bronx Zoo’s Wildlife Conservation Society now that these desert foxes have safely completed their journey from Germany thanks to G.K Air.

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