Transport of German Shepherd Dogs

What you should consider when transporting German Shepherd Dogs?

For transport purposes, German Shepherds dogs are classified in two separate categories: Is yours a working dog, or is it a pedigree animal kept for breeding?

Once they are 6 months old, or more, German Shepherd dogs are split into two classifications when they are transported by air. This is because breeding animals are larger than animals bred for work.
Of course, German Shepherds will also vary in size within these categories. Nevertheless, we have created a general overview which will help you to find the right animal transport box for your dog, because choosing a box of the correct size is the most important issue. The animal will be in an unfamiliar environment and may experience flight turbulence, which is why your dog should always have plenty of space.

German Shepherd breeding dogs

  • For a male dog, you need the "Gradlyn 7 Super Size" box which measures 1 / 122 x 81 x 88cm
  • For a bitch, you need the "Gradlyn 6" box which measures 1 / 114 x 64 x 81cm

German Shepherd working dogs

  • For a male dog, you need the "Gradlyn - 6" box which measures 1 / 114 x 64 x 81cm
  • For a bitch, you need the "Gradlyn - XL 5" which measures 1 / 101 x 68 x 75cm

For example, if you fly a German Shepherd working dog from Frankfurt to New York, we would recommend our 6 or 7 box.
Therefore, when completing the online pricing form, it's very important that you tell us whether you have a working dog or a breeding dog. And when measuring your dog, do please take great care to measure precisely from the tip of the nose to just behind the rump. In addition, when measuring the height you should also allow a little more space above the ears. This will help to ensure we provide the perfect transport box for your dog.

We would like to express our thanks to the German Shepherd Dog Association in Augsburg for their help. We are also very proud that we were able to support the German team at the 2013 World Championships with animal logistics and training equipment.