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Cat transport to USA

What happens to a much loved pet when the job requires its owner to move abroad for a longer period of time?

This is a daily routine for G.K. team, but not for the pet owner. Charlie, the black cat, was soon to expecting a long journey across the Atlantic Ocean. For his owner, it was an important decision, and, in the end, the only possible was to take his beloved pet with him to the United States. Via company Intranet, the executive of a big German industrial concern found out who would come into consideration for such a shipment.

Various colleagues had already ordered G.K. Air with the transportation of their pet when their place of work was moved to the United States. The executive wanted to get an idea of how this all would work,- which transport box could be used,- what about the health regulations in the United States? What will the cat get to eat and to drink during the trip – or in any case what should definitely be avoided?

The G.K.Air team could answer all such questions in each and every detail. The most important item on the list is the IATA-conform animal transport box (permitted by the umbrella organisation of airlines). The box systems Sky-Kennel and Vari-Kennel used at G.K. Airfreight consist of a plastic that does not break when it falls down. Therefore, G.K. Airfreight animal boxes have no opening at the bottom nor on top. In contrast however, there is enough air to be gotten through the viewing windows on the sides. These windows have grates and are not just sharp-edged cutouts as some producers offer.

The objective is to guarantee the best possible safety for the transported pet and, at the same time, make sure that the journey is as stress-free as possible. Especially cats are not the coolest passengers.

Charlie seemed to have a pleasant journey. When he arrived in Atlanta, the black cat was received at the airport and was brought to his new home. Charlie the cat could profit from the "door-to-door" service of the renowned Frankfurt forwarder. This is the only way the unfamiliar journey of the homely feline could be reduced to a tolerable degree of tension and excitement. Now, however, Charlie has to get used to the new environment all by himself – well with the help of his owner.