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Golden retriever moves to China

Dear Mr Ahmad,

The first time I met Charly was in the Summer of 2013, in a small village called kleine Schweinbach (near East border of Germany). He was such a lovely sunny baby that I loved him at the first sight.
After I went back to China and work here, I planned to reunit with Charly in Guangzhou. It took me a lot of time to find out that it was impossible to finish this tranportation by myself due to the complicated regulations of Chinese customs. After lots of research on google, I found GRADLYN, the only possible company in Germany which can handle this problem for me. However, after inquiring Mr. Atif in GRADLYN of the transportation, another problem came out— the tranportation fee was quite expensive if I transportate Charly from Frankfurt am Main to Guangzhou directly. At that moment, there was no other choice, and I thought I would never meet Charly again. Thanks a lot for the help of my friend Mingzhu, she told me that she could take care of Charly until I am able to transport him. And Thanks a million for Mr. Atif, after four months’ waiting, he gave me a great news at the beginning of 2018 that GRADLYN was able to transport  the dog to Guangzhou and the fee was largely reduced to the amount that I can afford. During the preparation procedures of tranportation, I wrote almost over 20 emails and even much more questions inquiring Mr. Atif of the transportation as well as related information. He was so nice and patient, and helped me a lot in the whole time. I am really grateful for his considerate and attentive work!! He and GRADLYN helped making my dream come true, words cannot describe how much I appreciate their circumspect work and help!! GRADLYN is really a trustful company which can transport pet worldwide with safe and considerate service.
I will continue to choose its service if I need to transport my dog again!

Best regards,
Han Hu

Scared dog masters flight with flying colors

Thanks Eugenio!

I have used Gradlyn to get my dog shipped from Frankfurt to Hong Kong. Pets have to be imported as "manifested cargo" to Hong Kong, so my usual procedure without an agency was not an option.
Eugenio (Gradlyn) was very quick and reliable to respond, provided all required information and gave additional helpful advice. Compared to other companies I inquired they also gave the best offer.
During the whole procedure Gradlyn made sure I am well informed at any time, especially regarding all documentation required. That made my life a lot easier. From what I can tell the handling of my dog was very well.
The dog arrived healthy, not scared, fresh water in the bowl....really all I can ask for. Be aware that the dog is mostly in the hands of the airline personnel - so the airline choice matters, of course. Gradlyn also advised me in that regard very well.

Overall, I am very happy with the service and (compared to other agencies) with the price. I will make sure that the next travel will be with Gradlyn again!

Thank You

Dear Kay,

We would like to thank you and everyone at Gradlyn for all that you have done to assist us in getting our Weimeraner safely transported to England.

In the words of our little seven year old grandson, he is "the happiest boy alive".
Thank you for really going way beyond the normal course of treating this as your job. In fact we are so grateful that you took this case on personally and did everything possible despite much opposition to ensure that the dog would reach his destination safely.

Please feel free to use this note to promote  We would like to know that others could also enjoy the extremely high levels of service that we have been able to.
May we also take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very joyous Christmas and a successful New Year.

Steph & Pete Morrison

Excellent Service

Allow me to express my sincere appreciation and heartfelt congratulations for a job well done in shipping my new GSD dog Valdano! He came to us in the best of health with no concerns whatsoever.
What is even more interesting to note with GK Petshipping is their excellent customer service as represented by no other than their hands-on General Manager, Faruk Berberovik. There is only one word I could think of that best describes the kind of service they deliver - EXCELLENT! 
From their communications, sending out information regarding flight details, getting their assistance on how to receive your dog with no troubles and anything else that you might need from Faruk to make your shipment as trouble free as possible.... GK Shipping is simply the best!
Highly recommended. I couldn't have asked for more! Thanks Faruk... Keep up the good work!!!
Best regards to the Petshipping Team,
Cecil T. Pilapil
Manila, Philippines

Shipping our Animals


I know this is a little late, since your service for us was a little over a month ago, but I promised to send you an email about your wonderful service, and here it is.

You made the transportation of our animals almost worry-free. There is always some worry about how the animals will react during the actual flight, but your assurance and description of your facilities in Frankfurt put our minds at rest for what would happen once the flight touched down.  Your immediate response to all my questions (questions you've probably heard a million times from a million concerned owners), and your politeness and reassurances, all melded together to give us a great sense of security.  And then, once we got to Frankfurt and got to your facilities (which was easy with your personal attention to our comfort and ease of driving), you made the resultant paperwork go quickly and easily - especially easy, since you took care of all the official "stuff". 

It was wonderful to pick up the dog and cat with both of them awake, aware, lively, and clean - THANK YOU so very much for all you did for us to ease our peace of mind, do all the legwork for us, and then present us with our animals in such wonderful shape.

You are a blessing to those of us who travel with pets - be assured we will be happy to recommend you to other flyers.

Kathy and Steve Tidy

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