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Mine-detection dogs for Addis Ababa

For twelve Malinois puppets, a long journey had ended in Ethiopia, their new place of training and an important role to play when they are ready to work.

Malinois is a short-coated version of the Belgian Shepherd dog, an ideal working dog. Coming from Sarajevo in Bosnia, these twelve dogs had to be transported to Frankfurt in an air-conditioned special vehicle with a sturdy air-suspension: a total of 1500 kilometers to Frankfurt Airport. After a stay at the Animal Lounge, the dogs were transported by plane in IATA-proved animal transport boxes to Addis Ababa.
Their complete training takes about one and a half years, before a dog can search for mines. The dark continent in particularly, has experienced various numerous wars over the past thirty years.

Even many years after the conflicts have ended there are a number of remaining mines situated close below the surface that to this day can endanger the people living, cultivating or letting their children play on the land without knowing about these potentially deadly mines below their feet.
The mine-detection dogs play an essential part of the respective mine detection missions and hereby contribute to saving many lives. It is important that the dogs get a solid and effective training in order to be able to fully employ their lifesaving capacities.

The G.K. Air team is glad to carry out such a dog transport. Managing director Faruk Berberovic knows what he is talking about as, for many years, he has been in contact with customers living closely with the danger of land mines.

Malinois are perfect for these missions. With the high temperatures in Africa, the short-coated dogs are ideal partners in these mine detection missions. Only dogs that do not mind the blistering heat can be employed, says Faruk Berberovic.

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