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Golden-headed lion tamarin from swabian hillsides to the British isles

For these two gold headed lion tamarins this meant a move to a new home.

The Twycross Zoo in England now has two more major attractions to show. Formerly at home at the Stuttgart Zoo these two tamarins, each of them weighing barely 550 grams, are quite an eye catcher with their large reddish colored mane from whence their name originates. This particular primate of the claw ape family is very sensitive and a somewhat fussy passenger.

The team at G.K. Airfreihgt Service drove both monkeys from Stuttgart to Frankfurt in their specialized transport vehicle. Thereby the temperature needed to be kept between 18 and 25 degrees at all times, even in the later ape transport on board the airplane.

Primates, in particular, need to undergo a special health check, so our two primate friends of the genus lion tamarin had to be examined for

Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter and intestinal parasites. When it comes to species protection the actual ape transport from zoo to zoo is, in comparison, pretty straightforward. All tests and health checks are usually taken care of by the zoo in question. This makes the whole procedure of shipping the animals quite some bit easier. Much alike, the course of necessary controls becomes a seamless endeavor, with the relevant zoos cooperation. Now for the animals on board the duration of the trip in the special transport boxes is reduced to a minimum and their stress levels kept as low as possible.

A large portion of experience in the professional handling of animals is therefore a significant prerequisite for an optimal animal transport.

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