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Black jaguar wedding trip

For a long time now Loro Parques in Tenerife had a dream. On the 9. Of September this dream finally came true. Now at last the waiting is over: Here comes the bride!

A hot blooded black beauty belonging to the family of the Jaguars, started out on her way to the Canary Islands. “Negra”, born on a May morning in 2001 to the Rostock Zoo, spent her youth in the Zoo at Osnabruck, where she grew up to become a stately young feline. Now, on Tenerife they did not want to pass out on this black bundle of beauty, so in the course of the last weeks an animal transport had to be meticulously planned by our GK Airfreight team, - after all this was the lady’s “Honeymoon”!

On the 9th of September the animal transport was ready to get up, up and away… At the break of dawn in Osnabruck, Negra, somewhat in a (narcotic) dream but skillfully supervised by the curator of the Loro Parque, Dr Matthias Reinschmidt, was moved into her sky kennel set for Frankfurt. Here’s where G.K. Airfreight, the Animal Lounge Frankfurt and the Fraport AG had taken care of all precautionary measures to warrant that a smooth, gentle and stress less animal transport could take place.

Jaguars are the biggest in the class of predatory cats indigenous to both Americas North and South, and third in line in the world ranking directly after Tigers and Lions. This being as it is, extra careful consideration was needed in meeting the particular requirements in the modification of the made to size kennel, since Negra had a reputation of being a very curious cat that liked sticking her claws into all sorts of things. Bearing in mind the formidable strength these predators have, the transport box needed to be secured threefold to hold out against any attempted escape.

Now there may have been brides that have now and again been a little on edge and somewhat touchy and anxious in anticipation of their wedding, not Negra. This lady patiently abided all necessary handholds and rumbling about, without putting up a fuss. She was driven to the airplane in a vehicle with special suspension and air conditioning, where our versed colleagues competently lifted her safely into the hold - after all, with her 210kg she just ain’t no chicken feed. The Condor flight took to the air at 14:57 and carried her to the threshold of her new home, where she moved into her new enclosure at around 23:00 at which point she got to meet her conspecific husband. Finally the long awaited animal transport had come to a close!

The whole procedure was accompanied by a film team from VOX and in the course of the following weeks the article will be broadcast in the show “Menschen, Tiere und Doktoren” (People, Animals and Doctors).

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