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Project: Save the Rhino

The male Malinois dog “Sosha” has a big task ahead of it: it has to replace its predecessor, the male Shaya, in the fight against poaching in South Africa. Like Shaya, he too has been specially trained to put a stop to poaching in Africa. The first male, “Shaya”, died tragically. He was actually torn to pieces by a crocodile while swimming.

Sosha is now the 2nd dog to be trained by Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann and her irreplaceable team for his important task.
As was the case with the first male dog, we were responsible for transporting Sosha from Frankfurt to Johannesburg when his training was completed. We took care of all the details with the flight and arrival in his new home in South Africa. In cooperation with our representatives on the ground, we applied for the import permit required as well as dealing with the import clearance at the airport.
We think that “Save the Rhino”  is a great project and support it with all our hearts. We do this not only by our service provided but also with a donation of €350 and the transport box needed for the flight.

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