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Why we fly dogs to the US for the US Armed Forces

Certificate of Achivement Maybe you’ll ask yourself: What’s the connection between Gradlyn Kennels and the US Armed Forces? The answer is to be found in the company’s very beginnings. Starting in 1968, the business was limited to fly military dogs and pets of members of the US Armed Forces between the US and Germany. Although our customer base has expanded over the years, the US Armed Forces still represent an important customer as many members of the US Armed Forces do not only use the services of Gradlyn Kennels when flying on business, but also when travelling privately.

I am a so called “military brat” as my father served in the US Army. That’s why I was raised in an US Armed Forces environment and have a very good grasp of the English language. English speaking people will be informed by us in their mother language, so be assured there won’t be any difficulties due to language barriers.

Moreover, I know what it means to be relocated and the hassle it causes. This is where my function sets in: I’m in charge for the members of the US Armed Forces while providing for correct documentation. My daily objective is to ensure a smooth and most of all stress-free flight for each and every pet.


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