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Do you know offhandedly know where Benin is? And how to get there coming from Sri Lanka?

Transit Service für Haustiere am Flughafen FrankfurtWhen a request from a Diplomat came in asking GK Airfreight´s pet relocation team to find a flight for the pets of the diplomatic household, these were some of the questions curtly making their rounds through the office in our transit department.

Well, of course our animal transport experts swiftly had a safe and sound solution up their sleeves, since every now and again diplomats of all nations are often intermittently sent off at short notice to new areas of operation. Naturally their whole households needs to come along, including the beloved cats and dogs; much like, not all too long ago, the pets of the ambassador at the German Embassy in Sri Lanka who was reassigned to a new post in Benin. “Diplomatic pets” are, due to their frequent relocation, luckily equipped with the required documents and can produce the necessary letters certifying their test results. In the case of our German ambassador, dogs Camilla and Charly as well as cats Luna and Franky had to stay overnight for a while quartered at a friend’s place in Sri Lanka, so that their owners could have some peace and quiet to make sure that their new home in Cotonou is nice and cozy until they got there.

Now when it comes to pet relocation here too we have a VIP Service.  A member of GK Airfreight´s pet shipper staff flew all the way to Sri Lanka to pick up the ambassador`s Very Important Pets from their accommodating friends, taking the four animals and the prepared documents into his charge, to then dutifully bring our four legged friends safely to the airport at Colombo and accompany them on their flight to Frankfurt. After a short rest in the animal Lounge of the Frankfurt Airport, they took on the last part of their journey flying over Paris to Cotonou/Benin, which, by the way, is in West Africa which in 1975 was still called Dahomey. Well, what a way for a pet to fly,- now that’s what we call the VIP service for animal transport.

Certainly in the somewhat turbulent life of a diplomat all parties (be they two or four legged) were very happy to see one another again, as now the “whole” family was reunited. Particularly when situated in quite a foreign country, reassembling a home seems so important.

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