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We offer the following services to you. Choose a category by clicking on one of the blue headlines.

Import of animals

gk-import.jpgFirst of all, your animal will leave the plane and will be brought by air-conditioned vehicle directly to Lufthansa's Animal Lounge. This is the world's most modern animal facility, which is designed to provide the animals with the most comfortable handling and stopover possible. The whole building is protected by surveillance cameras, entry is permitted to authorized personnel only. Here too, your animal will be safe and secure.

Import services
  • Optionally, we handle any customs and veterinary clearance for dogs, cats, reptiles,  ornamental fish, zoo animals, and others.
  • We also offer temporary customs clearance for dogs – this is interesting especially for breeders, who send their dogs to Germany for training or breeding purposes.
  • Within the EU, animals can be transported in specially equipped vehicles to their destination, transportation being accomplished by qualified drivers (approved by an official veterinarian).
Neue Vorgaben des Deutschen Zoll
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Die europäischen Vorschriften im grenzüberschreitenden Verkehr von 1992 werden ab sofort auf alle noch verbleibenden Verkehre der EU ausgedehnt. Daraus resultieren einige Veränderungen, die GRADLYN nachfolgend aufzeigen will.

Mehr Informationen erhalten Sie, wenn hier:


Export of animals

ExportWe export your animals to almost every region in the world, complying with the guidelines established by the Federal Aviation Agency (Luftfahrtbundesamt) and the Federal Nature Conservation Agency (Bundesamt für Naturschutz) as well as the regulations of the different airlines.

Export services
  • We offer a pickup service within the EU, in other countries on request.
  • Optionally, we handle any customs clearance for your animals in the country of destination.
  • In appr. 40 countries of the world there is a home-to-home-service available.
  • We have vehicles approved for animal transportation.
Pets in Transit

Do you know offhandedly know where Benin is? And how to get there coming from Sri Lanka?

Transit Service für Haustiere am Flughafen FrankfurtWhen a request from a Diplomat came in asking GK Airfreight´s pet relocation team to find a flight for the pets of the diplomatic household, these were some of the questions curtly making their rounds through the office in our transit department.

Transit of animals

Transit von TierenWe transport your animal through Germany and take care for the temporary customs clearance. Transit means all requirements for import and export of animals are needed.

Therefore, you find our transit services under the items import and export, respectively.


Charter for large animals

Charter für GroßtiereCharter transportation is available for extraordinary destinations not being part of any airlines' flight schedule. In addition, most airlines refuse to transport certain species (e.g. wild animals such as lions). By charter flight we take large animals for zoos, animal rights groups etc. from any continent to each and every destination in the world.

Our special purpose vehicles for live animal transportation

Spezialfahrzeuge für den Tiertransport

At G.K. Airfreight Service, we offer a pick-up and delivery service for your pet all over Europe using state-of-the-art vehicles and specifically trained drivers. Each driver has got an authorisation pursuant to Article 11 paragraph 1 of Councill Regulation (EG) No.1/2005 of 22.DEZ 2004 on the protection of animals during transport from: Hessian State Laboratory, Border Inspection Post, Germany. They are perfectly instructed and trained, most of them belonging to our GK Airfreight Service team for more than 10 years. Their experience on the road as well as in caring for pets during long distance tours guarantees the safe and sound arrival of your pet. 

Sky kennel, Vari Kennel and customized cages for animals

transportbox-sky-kennel.jpg GK Airfreight Service is your supplier when it comes to sky kennels for your pets. Whether you need models in standard sizes for your dog or your cat, or customized cages for zoo animals in oversize. We only use and sell high quality kennels according to our high standards, paying special attention to workmanship, material properties and that they are escape-proof.

Why we fly dogs to the US for the US Armed Forces

Certificate of Achivement Maybe you’ll ask yourself: What’s the connection between Gradlyn Kennels and the US Armed Forces? The answer is to be found in the company’s very beginnings. Starting in 1968, the business was limited to fly military dogs and pets of members of the US Armed Forces between the US and Germany. Although our customer base has expanded over the years, the US Armed Forces still represent an important customer as many members of the US Armed Forces do not only use the services of Gradlyn Kennels when flying on business, but also when travelling privately.


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