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1. Transportboxen
...t die Möglichkeit, Standardboxen zu bestellen. Wir empfehlen die Transportboxen von Petmate: Vari Kennel und Sky Kennel Sofern sich Ihre Wünsche in unserem Onlineshop nicht erf&uuml...

2. Gradlyn's Kennel Calculator
Die Transportbox für den Hund Wie gross muss eine Hundebox sein, für den Tiertransport im Flugzeug?

3. Neu - Vari Kennel
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten)
...deboxen in unserem Online Shop: im Bereich der Tiertransportboxen für Haustiere haben wir Vari Kennel von Petmate neu in unser Programm aufgenommen. Preise   ...

4. Fahrzeuge
Wir von G.K. Airfreight Service bieten Ihnen eine europaweite Abholung und Anlieferung Ihrer Tiere. Dabei nutzen wir modernste Fahrzeuge und speziell ausgebildete Fahrer. Alle Fahrer haben eine Z

5. 40 Jahre Gradlyn Kennels
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten)
Die GRADLYN KENNELS GMBH wurde 1968 gegründet und hat sich seit über 40 Jahren auf den Tiertransport lebender Tiere spezialisiert. Gradlyn Kennels war anfangs für die Angeh&o

6. FAQ Wie gross muss die Hundebox sein
(FAQs/Tiertransport FAQ)
...bst. Messen Sie dazu Ihr Tier aufrecht stehend vom Boden bis zur Oberkante des Kopfes. Nutzen Sie unseren Kennel Calculator um die Mindestmaße der Transportbox zu ermitteln. ...

7. Haustiertransport mit G.K. Air nach USA
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten)
...TA-konformen Tiertransportboxen (vom Dachverband der Fluggesellschaften zugelassen). Die Boxensysteme Sky-Kennel und Vari-Kennel, die bei G. K. Airfreight eingesetzt werden, bestehen aus einem Kunstst...

8. Hundetransport in die Vereinigten Staaten
(Galerien/Hinter den Kulissen)
...s Haustier ein Jahr allein zurück? Für Kabukis Besitzer war es dann auch keine Frage, Gradlyn Kennels Airfreight mit dem tiergerechten Transport zu beauftragen. Mit 50 Zentimetern K&ou...

9. Haustiertransport via Facebook
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten)
...nem Vorgespräch half das Team von G.k. Air weiter, beschaffte die passende Hundetransport-Box (Vario-Kennel) und sichtete die Dokumente der Dobermann-Hündin. Haustiertransporte unterliegen g...

10. Dog transport to USA
(Referenzen/Rene Belgar)
...p my 4 year old female Rottweiler in Wetter (Ruhr), Germany. She was picked up on time at Dunja's home/kennel by our team, and was transported safely as promised, to Frankfurt.  The custom c...

11. G.K. Kennel Shop
(Unsere Partner/Shops)
...   Transportboxen von Petmate   Sky Kennel und Vari Kennel, die sichersten Transportboxen für Hunde und Katzen, sind für...

...icherlich keine leichte Kunden... Nach unserer Erfahrung mit dem Tiertransport können wir Gradlyn Kennels in jeder Hinsicht wärmstens empfehlen und werden das auch gerne tun. Sie d&uuml...

... ablief, reisten die Tiere in speziellen Tier-Transport-Boxen. Die Standard-Boxen, von G.K.Air, die Vario-Kennels, mussten umgebaut und mit verstärkten Gittern ausgestattet werden. Der cr...

14. Betreff: A big THANK YOU!
(Referenzen/Kunden ?ber uns)
...ught to Frankfurt for the morning cargo flight to Ottawa, Canada. They arrived the same day at the kennel in Ottawa and were in great shape. I was delighted!  Our pets are family members ...

15. Dog to USA - Referral Letter
(Referenzen/Kunden ?ber uns)
Dear Sandra & Gradlyn Kennels,     I want to thank you for all your kindness and expert service. From start to finish and working through the recent tragedy in my family, you ha

16. Cats by air - Airfreight to Dallas
(Referenzen/Rene Belgar)
Thank you Rene, all is well and I have picked up the cats in Dallas.  I am very grateful for your service to help my cats.  :-) Allison J. Type  Speci

17. Animal transportation - Dog to New York
(Referenzen/Rene Belgar)
Rene, I just wanted to let you know how much my family appreciated you and your company assistance with shipping my dog. Cecci has arrived to New York safe and now is under my mother's c

18. Zwei Hunde nach Chicago
(Referenzen/Drago Butina)
An Drago Butina und Sandra Wedel der GK Airfreight Service GmbH, Gradlyn Kennels. Ich wollte mich nur fuer die gelungene Rueckfuehrung meiner beiden Chihuahua-Mischlinge Socke (schwarz) und Bus

19. A Cat flies to Dever
(Referenzen/Drago Butina)
To my Friends at Gradlyn Kennels, Thank you Drago for helping me ship my cat, Tali from Kabul Afghanistan to his new home in Denver Colorado.  Your emails were always prompt, and you he

(Unsere Partner/Hundesport)

21. Thank you for taking care
(Referenzen/Drago Butina)
Dear Gradlyn Kennel & Mr. Drago , Thank you for taking care my doggy Honey travel, and making  complicated situation as easiest as possible. Drago was very proffesional, helpfull and p

22. Kennel of Country Roads
(Unsere Partner/Hundesport)

23. Deutsche Sch?ferhunde vom Haingraben
(Unsere Partner/Hundesport)
 Kontakt Kirsten & Michael Stindt In den Waaggärten 28 67547 Worms Tel.: 06241-5037893 Mobil: 0172-3537715

24. Von den Sarrazenen
(Unsere Partner/Hundesport)

(Unsere Partner/Hundesport)

26. Sacraal Hart Kennel
(Unsere Partner/Hundesport)

27. von HAMYAR
(Unsere Partner/Hundesport)
At you can find the most important information about us and of course our dogs.

28. Vom Steinackerm?hlen
(Unsere Partner/Hundesport)

29. Von den Sarrazenen
(Unsere Partner/Hundesport)

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31. Sky kennel, Vari Kennel and customized cages for animals
(Tiertransport/Transportboxen - English)
GK Airfreight Service is your supplier when it comes to sky kennels for your pets. Whether you need models in standard sizes for your dog or your cat, or customized cages for zoo animals in overs

32. Gradlyn?s Kennel Calculator
(e-Service/Rechner - English)

33. The Animal Lounge at Frankfurt Airport
(Spezial-Tiertransport/Wir über uns - English)
In April 2008 the Frankfurt Animal Lounge was opened at Frankfurt Airport. Covering 3,750 square meters, it is the world’s biggest and most modern animal facil

34. 40 Years Gradlyn Kennels
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
GK AIRFREIGHT SERVICE, GRADLYN KENNELS GMBH was founded in 1968. By now, we look back on 40 years of specialization on live animal transportation. Initially, Gradlyn Kennels p

35. What kennel size does my dog need?
(FAQs/Tiertransport FAQ - English)
At any rate the kennel has to be higher, wider and longer than the dog itself. Measure your dog standing upright from the ground to the top of its head. You’ll find a guidance on how to measur

36. G.K. Airfreight Opens a New Office Munich
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
Major Expansion in Southern Germany, Animal Transport Services Vastly Expanded Effective immediately, April 2012, G.K Airfreight Services GmbH, the leading pet and animal air transport shipp

37. Transportation of dangerous dogs in airplanes
(Spezial-Tiertransport/Wir über uns - English)
...and therefore needed under all circumstances to be contained for transportation in specific dangerous dog kennels only. Now what’s a dangerous dog kennel? What’s the difference to any ...

38. Why we fly dogs to the US for the US Armed Forces
(Tiertransport/US Milit - English)
Maybe you’ll ask yourself: What’s the connection between Gradlyn Kennels and the US Armed Forces? The answer is to be found in the company’s very beginnings. Starting in 1968,

39. Exotic Animal transport
(Galerien/Hinter den Kulissen - English)
... skillfully supervised by the curator of the Loro Parque, Dr Matthias Reinschmidt, was moved into her sky kennel set for Frankfurt. Here’s where G.K. Airfreight, the Animal Lounge Frankfurt and ...

40. Pet transport with G.K. Air to the USA
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
What happens to a much loved pet when the job requires its owner to move abroad for a longer period of time? This is a daily routine for G.K. team, but not for the pet owner. Charlie, the bla

41. Animal transport of dogs
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
A forester dog flew to the United States Not even twenty four hours have passed and the Weimeraner bitch “Asta” can be warmly welcomed to her new home by a rather content owner.

42. Pet Kabuki now lives in California
(Galerien/Hinter den Kulissen - English)
How do I fly my dog, or better still, how do   I fly our beloved four-legged friend abroad? Any suggestions? A question asked quite often actually. Not every day business - the air transpo

43. How do I prepare my dog for its flight?
(FAQs/Tiertransport FAQ - English)
...This way, any nausea or sickness will be avoided and chances are better that the dog won’t soil its kennel. You can count on our advice regarding this and all other preparations. ...

44. How will my dog be transported within the plane?
(FAQs/Tiertransport FAQ - English)
According to IATA regulations your dog may only travel in a specific kennel that is suited for all requirements and that is seized tightly in the cargo hold. The cargo hold is ventilated and air condi

45. G.K. Air ?Resumes Animal Transport to Iraq
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
Transporting a shipment of birds by air is certainly not a great challenge for the well-seasoned members of the G.K. Air Animal Transportation Services’ team – were it not for the destin

46. Pet Transport Airfreights Immigrating Dobermann to Canada
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
Immigration is still a topic for many people in Germany. Creating a new life abroad in conjunction with professional needs like reassignment or pursuing a new career, or just on personal preference ba

47. How do I prepare my cat for its flight?
(FAQs/Tiertransport FAQ - English)
...This way, any nausea or sickness will be avoided and chances are better that the cat won’t soil its kennel. You can count on our advice regarding this and all other preparations. ...

48. Bengal Cat ?Manu? to Manila
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
Travel abroad in far distant lands is a wonderful thing. However, relocation to a far-off continent is another matter, a real challenge, especially if a beloved pet house cat is part of the move and

49. Dog transport to USA
(Referenzen/Rene Belgar - English)
Dear René, Please forgive me for the lengthy delay is sending you this "thank you" note of appreciation and gratitude. I wanted to extend a most sincere & respectful "thank you",

50. Our zoo transport of little Murphy
(Galerien/Hinter den Kulissen - English)
...flight and issued all transport documents long before the scheduled departure date and Murphy’s sky kennel - an exclusive customized cage - fulfilled all requirements imposed by IATA. Animals, ...

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