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1. Tiertransport - Belgien - USA
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten)
Tiertransport mit niedrigen Kosten Endlich!!! Profitieren sie zweimal im Monat von unserem neuen Abholservice in Belgien. Natürlich zu stark vergünstigten Konditionen! Wir holen Ihre

2. Tauben Transport nach Griechenland
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten)
Auch Brieftauben reisen mit dem Flugzeug. Zumindest in diesem Fall, denn das Team von G.K. Air hatte einen besonderen Transport. 24 Brieftauben aus Deutschland sollten in die mit über dreihunde

3. Tiertransport - Katze - Australien
(Referenzen/Sascha Laddach)
Lieber Herr Laddach, aus dem sommerlichen Australien möchten wir Ihnen ein frohes Weihnachtsfest wünschen, schon mal einen guten Rutsch und alles Gute für 2010. Ich wei

4. Tauben fliegen in den Irak
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten)
Tauben und Kanarienvögel, im Grunde für das Team von G.K. Air ein Tiertransport wie jeder andere, wenn da nicht das Zielland wäre. Erstmals fliegt G.K. Air Tauben und Kanarienvög

5. Russkiy Toy Welpe nach Denver
(Referenzen/Sandra Wedel)
Hallo Sandra, Unser kleiner ist gestern gut nach Amerika angekommen. Alle sind begeistert!!! Vielen, vielen Dank noch Mal. Wir machen gern weiter mit eurer Firma. Liebe Grü&szl

6. A turtle flies to USA
(Referenzen/Sandra Wedel)
Sandra, just wanted to let you quickly know that Grumpy box turtle's arrival went great. Everything went smoothly with her trip it seems and all of the paperwork and procedures were in perfect

7. Rabbit by air - Airfreight to Denver
(Referenzen/Sandra Wedel)
Sandra, You are most welcome . . . and I have no objection to you posting my comments (or the attached photograph of Kelsey) on your web site. Thank you, again, for your wonderful suppor

8. Cats by air - Airfreight to Dallas
(Referenzen/Rene Belgar)
Thank you Rene, all is well and I have picked up the cats in Dallas.  I am very grateful for your service to help my cats.  :-) Allison J. Type  Speci

9. Animal transportation - Dog to New York
(Referenzen/Rene Belgar)
Rene, I just wanted to let you know how much my family appreciated you and your company assistance with shipping my dog. Cecci has arrived to New York safe and now is under my mother's c

10. Shipping our Animals
(Referenzen/Paul Lenertz)
...onth ago, but I promised to send you an email about your wonderful service, and here it is. You made the transportation of our animals almost worry-free.  There is always some worry ab...

11. Snowy Owls to New York, USA
(Referenzen/Sandra Wedel)
Greetings Sandra, Attached you will find some pictures of the Snowy Owls that you helped transport from the Opel Zoo to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Again we would like to thank you

12. Dog transport to Texas - USA
(Referenzen/Rene Belgar)
Rene, thank you for your outstanding service. my puppy got hm in excellent condition. i will be contacting you for our next puppy coming from germany. thank you Typ

13. A cat goes to Afghanistan
(Referenzen/Drago Butina)
Hi Drago, Joey is now in Sacramento, California! I work for a veterinarian and I dropped him off at the hospital on my way home so he will be there for an exam tomorrow.  I hope he sl

14. Cats Transport to Oklahoma City, USA
(Referenzen/Sandra Wedel)
I wanted to thank your company for the wonderful delivery of our family cats to my daughter. Everything was excellently handled.  Thank you. Marcia Aevermann

15. Animal transportation - FAQ
(Category List)

16. Export
(Category Blog)
... well as the specifications of the different airlines. We keep up to date with and meet all regulations on animal transportation with the utmost accuracy. ...

17. Sky kennel, Vari Kennel and customized cages for animals
(Tiertransport/Transportboxen - English)
GK Airfreight Service is your supplier when it comes to sky kennels for your pets. Whether you need models in standard sizes for your dog or your cat, or customized cages for zoo animals in overs

18. Export of reptiles ? snakes to Japan
(Spezial-Tiertransport/Wir über uns - English)
Well done, this reptile shipping wasn’t too easy. Transporting poisonous snakes can be quite complicated sometimes. It all starts with most of the airlines not shipping any poisonous snakes at

19. Export services
(Tiertransport/Export - English)
...0 countries of the world there is a home-to-home-service available. We have vehicles approved for animal transportation. ...

At G.K. Airfreight Service, we offer a pick-up and delivery service for your pet all over Europe using state-of-the-art vehicles and specifically trained drivers. Each driver has g

21. Airlines
(Unsere Partner/Airlines - English)
We can offer you flights with the following airlines. 

22. Export of animals
(Tiertransport/Export - English)
We export your animals to almost every region in the world, complying with the guidelines established by the Federal Aviation Agency (Luftfahrtbundesamt) and the Federal Nature C

23. Transit of animals
(Tiertransport/Transit - English)
We transport your animal through Germany and take care for the temporary customs clearance. Transit means all requirements for import and export of animals are needed. Therefore, you fin

24. Import services
(Tiertransport/Import von Tieren - English)
...ding purposes. Within the EU, animals can be transported in specially equipped vehicles to their destination, transportation being accomplished by qualified drivers (approved by an official veteri...

25. Animal transportation - Airfreight
(Spezial-Tiertransport/tiertransport-übersicht - English)
Here, you find an overview on our recent special animal transportation projects. to the special projects from 2009 to the speci

26. Transportation of large animals
(Galerien/Transport von Zootieren - English)
Loading of zoo animals /gallery/zoo Horse relocation by air - Charter zoo-transport

27. Animal transport - Belgium - USA
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
Discounted rates for animaltransports Finally!!! Benefit from our new pick-up service in Belgium twice a month - at highly discounted rates, of course! We provide a safe, quick and reliable colle

28. 40 Years Gradlyn Kennels
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
...ENNELS GMBH was founded in 1968. By now, we look back on 40 years of specialization on live animal transportation. Initially, Gradlyn Kennels provided their services to the...

29. Animal transportation - Special Airfreight
(Spezial-Tiertransport/tiertransport-übersicht - English)
Here, you find an overview on our recent special animal transportation projects. Special animal transports - 2008 Special animal transports -

30. Charter for large animals
(Tiertransport/Charter - English)
Charter transportation is available for extraordinary destinations not being part of any airlines' flight schedule. In addition, most airlines refuse to transport certain species (e.g

31. Special pet shipping - Airfreight 2011
(Spezial-Tiertransport/tiertransport-übersicht - English)
Here, you find an overview on our recent special animal transportation projects. Special animal transports - 2008 Special animal t

32. Funny Slideshow
(Galerien/Funny Galerie - English)
Some funny pictures.  other galleries: Zoo transportation

33. Going on vacation abroad with dogs
(Spezial-Tiertransport/Wir über uns - English)
You are going on vacation and you don’t want to go without your dog? For trips taking longer than 4 weeks we recommend just to take your dog with you. Prior to your departure we’ll infor

34. Dog transport to China
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
GK Air Transport Services with some 40 years’ experience shipping house pets, zoo animals and breeding stock all over the world recently welcomed Cosmo, a four-year old Golden Retriever, to hi

35. Regulation - Protection of Animals Act
(Spezial-Tiertransport/Wir über uns - English)
...ts) fellow creatures.” We at G.K. Airfreight Service and all colleagues that busy themselves with the transportation of live animals, see the endeavours of our daily work echoed in this fi...

36. Greetings from Hollywood
(Spezial-Tiertransport/Wir über uns - English)
The pet airline service GK Airfreight played an important role in the organization of the documentary film ‘The Travelling Birds: An adventure in flight’ (Winged migration). Countless pe

37. Daily routine of an import carrier
(Spezial-Tiertransport/Wir über uns - English)
...d. Pets, especially dogs, do not like to be alone for long periods of time. Therefore, it is important that their transportation runs smooth and without any delays or stress. After a long journey incl...

38. Transportation of dangerous dogs in airplanes
(Spezial-Tiertransport/Wir über uns - English)
...lines as ‘violent or dangerous dogs’ and therefore needed under all circumstances to be contained for transportation in specific dangerous dog kennels only. Now what’s a dangerous ...

39. Lion transport with special vehicle
(Galerien/Hinter den Kulissen - English)
Royal Berber lion from Morocco - Mint prevents air shipment The zoo animal transport of a Berber lion arrived just in time for the opening weekend of the Hanover zoo in March. Here the new inhabit

40. Sled dogs ? Transportation to Canada and back
(Galerien/Hinter den Kulissen - English)
...xport several European sled dogs by air to the world championship in Montreal, Canada. This included passenger transportation of the teams and the complete equipment, as well as the whole airfreigh...

41. How to fly endangered species
(Galerien/Hinter den Kulissen - English)
How does a Sheikh fly his falcon to the Arab Emirates when it is listed among the  species? First class of course! And with the pet airline service of GK Airfreight. Many Sheikhs in the Ar

42. Reptile Transport to Miami USA
(Galerien/Hinter den Kulissen - English)
Having frequently made use of GK Airfreight`s reptile shipping service in the past, a breeder in Miami USA was already informed as to the many regulations for transport boxes when consigning a repti

43. Budgies on board
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
Six small parakeets went from Hamburg to Jersey in a specially modified transport box for birds. These budgies belong to a rather rare species, and were cared for with the utmost attention. Then l

44. Carrier pigeons to Greece
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
Even carrier pigeons sometimes take the airplane on a trip across Europe. At least in this case, where G.K. Airfreight ´s team had quite a special animal transport to take care of. 24 carrier

45. Pet import services for Caribous
(Galerien/Hinter den Kulissen - English)
And once again the Hanover Zoo offered us their trust in Zoo transportation of Caribous from Canada. On the 18th of February 2010 the moment finally arrived for the Caribous to begin its zoo transpo

46. Pet transport with G.K. Air to the USA
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
What happens to a much loved pet when the job requires its owner to move abroad for a longer period of time? This is a daily routine for G.K. team, but not for the pet owner. Charlie, the bla

47. Animal transport of dogs
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
A forester dog flew to the United States Not even twenty four hours have passed and the Weimeraner bitch “Asta” can be warmly welcomed to her new home by a rather content owner.

48. Animal transportation - Special Airfreight 2012
(Spezial-Tiertransport/tiertransport-übersicht - English)
Here, you find an overview on our recent special animal transportation projects. Special animal transports - 2008 Special ani

49. Parrot transport from the United States to Europe
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
The South American parrot has safely arrived in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The G.K Airfreight team confirmed that this was by no means a routine case. Even though the Monk Parakeet only mea

50. Pets in Transit
(Tiertransport/Transit - English)
Do you know offhandedly know where Benin is? And how to get there coming from Sri Lanka? When a request from a Diplomat came in asking GK Airfreight´s pet relocation team to find a flight fo

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