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1. Dog transport to USA
(Referenzen/Rene Belgar)
...ely endorse and recommend G.K. Airfreight Service to anyone traveling internationally or throughout the European Union.  I flown with my dogs to many places throughout the U.S. and in Germa...

2. Zoo Frankfurt
(Unsere Partner/Zoos)
...g der biologischen Vielfalt stark. Unter der Koordination des Europäischen Zooverbands, der EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria), beteiligt sich der Zoo Frankfurt zudem an zwei ve...

At G.K. Airfreight Service, we offer a pick-up and delivery service for your pet all over Europe using state-of-the-art vehicles and specifically trained drivers. Each driver has g

4. Animal transportation - Airfreight
(Spezial-Tiertransport/tiertransport-übersicht - English)
... 41 Tokio 4 Hawks 41 Tokio 1 european Otter 40 Tokio 5 Pythons 39 ...

5. Lion transport with special vehicle
(Galerien/Hinter den Kulissen - English)
Royal Berber lion from Morocco - Mint prevents air shipment The zoo animal transport of a Berber lion arrived just in time for the opening weekend of the Hanover zoo in March. Here the new inhabit

6. Sled dogs ? Transportation to Canada and back
(Galerien/Hinter den Kulissen - English)
We were entrusted with a special transport in order to export several European sled dogs by air to the world championship in Montreal, Canada. This included passenger transportation of the teams

7. Resettlement of black rhinos
(Spezial-Tiertransport/Wir über uns - English)
After elephants and white rhinos, black rhinos are the third biggest land animals on earth. In 1970, there were still about 65,000 black rhinos living in Africa. However, when in 1995 the population

8. Shuttle service to Frankfurt
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
Dog breeders around the world all have a similar problem: How to get their pedigree dogs into the hands of a competent agent that will deliver their dogs to their new owners without the usual hassle

9. Dog transport to USA
(Referenzen/Rene Belgar - English)
Dear René, Please forgive me for the lengthy delay is sending you this "thank you" note of appreciation and gratitude. I wanted to extend a most sincere & respectful "thank you",

10. Pets are not souvenirs
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
The Border Collie´s odyssey finally found a happy end once the team from G.K Airfreight Service decided to accept the dog from Kabul. It was the love for animals that led a diplomat from Swede

11. Sensitive airline passengers
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
At first glance they might not look the part. But the two mangebeys, an ape couple certainly require special attention. These travelling monkeys are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations, so a cl

12. Transport of fish to Emirates
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
G.K. Airfreight Service relocates all manner of pets and zoo animals, including mammals, birds, fish and reptiles all over the world, and has made an internationally-recognized name for itself over

13. Safely and Properly Preparing Your Pet for Pick-Up
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
It takes a lot of experience as well as technical wisdom and the right equipment to prepare animals for safe, anxiety-free transport to a new location. The same holds true for pets heading to a new

14. ?Bavarian? Otter transported to Japan
(News/Aktuelle Nachrichten - English)
G.K. Air Helps Maintain Endangered Species: “Bavarian” Otter Safely Transported From Germany to Japan Once again Gradlyn Kennels Animal Transportation, GmbH, has demonstrated its

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