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TurtleJust because an animal has four legs with feet solidly on the ground and boasts a low center of gravity does not mean that it can’t fall or tip over and get hurt. That’s why there is a succinct reason for preparing special animal transportation cages when air freighting Yellow Cheeked Turtles, their low-slung body construction notwithstanding.

One must consider the fact that once a turtle overturns and lies on its back, it can hardly ever manage to right itself on its own and get back on its feet. This kind of risk is eliminated when G.K. Air creates specially-constructed wooden transport cages for these amphibian air travelers. G.K. Air’s experienced team knows what these cold-blooded animal passengers require to be airlifted successfully: stable, well-ventilated cages with a reasonable degree of comfort.

You could say that G.K. Air’s uniquely-designed cages are of bungalow-style design, complete with wall-to-wall carpeting and sufficient air vents. For although Yellow Cheeked Turtles are primarily at home in water, they also love to loll in the sand in sunny places. On board the aircraft, a carpet must suffice in lieu of a sandy beach, at least for the duration of the flight. Yellow Cheeked Turtles, amongst the most popular of all water turtles, originated in the southern United States. The males are smaller than the females and measure about 20 centimeters or eight inches in length, while the females are 27 centimeters long, reaching up to about 11 inches.

In-flight catering for these air passengers includes lettuce and cucumbers and sufficient amounts of water to still hunger and thirst and stave off boredom. The lettuce serves as a replacement for their usual water vegetation that normally is part of their menu, as was recently the case when G.K Air shipped members of this “non-protected species” from Frankfurt, Germany to Miami, Florida, making the journey more agreeable for the Yellow Cheeked Turtles.

Of course, it was still essential to provide the necessary health certificates before the turtle passengers were allowed to depart. A veterinarian was required to thoroughly exam the animals before a certificate could be issued attesting to the unquestioned good health of the turtle passengers. The was easily accomplished as a matter of course by GK Air’s personnel whose 40 years’ experience in animal air transport assures Gradlyn Kennels Air Transport’s continued primacy as a service provider in the field.

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