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Pet Transport Airfreights Immigrating Dobermann to Canada
 Immigration is still a topic for many people in Germany. Creating a new life abroad in conjunction with professional needs like reassignment or pursuing a new career, or just on personal preference based on impending retirement, or reasons of health, or simply a change of scenery and lifestyle. And when the die are finally cast and the decision reached, perfect planning is required. 

Of foremost importance are terminating the apartment lease or selling the house, and numerous choices regarding what stays and what goes – including the pets. And just who is going to leave his or her cherished cat, dog, or other beloved pet behind?  Dozens of questions arise: how does one get a dog properly transported by air?  Are different special air transport cages needed for different animals and species? What are the regulations? What papers must be obtained? Which health certificates are needed or immunizations for which countries in order to export a pet by air? That is where G.K. pet transportation service comes in.

Recently, a female Dobermann named “Chelsea,” residing with her family in the German province of Rhineland-Palatinate’s Rheinhessen region close to Frankfurt was going to be immigrating with her owners to far off Regina, in Alberta province,  Canada, some 6,000 miles away. This was a big step for all involved, both the owners and Chelsea. How was this to be arranged? Well, these are new times and online media rapidly provided answers when Chelsea’s family quickly found G.K. Air’s online address at and its Facebook pages in the internet. And then things started to move fast.

G.K.’s pet transportation service goes back a good 40 years. Gradlyn Kennels working out of Frankfurt International Airport, is virtually a stone’s throw across the Rhine, minutes away from  the Dobermann’s home in Rheinhessen. During preliminary preparations, G.K. obtained the appropriate style and size “Vario-Kennel” transport cage for Chelsea. All of her documentation was carefully reviewed as everyday pets who are to be transported require the exact same certification of health as exotic animals. 

Even though all of Chelsea’s documents were in order and all of her inoculations properly posted, the Dobermann and her family could not travel on the same day. Chelsea had to stay three days at the Frankfurt airport’s Animal Station. It is one of the world’s most modern animal lounge facilities, where she was given excellent care, food, exercise and rest. After her comfortable sojourn, the pet Dobermann in her special cage  was boarded on an Air Canada jet bound for her new home in Regina, flying via Toronto.

G.K. Air enabled Dobermann Chelsea’s new life in Canada to begin smoothly thanks to its

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