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Michael Tetzner - World class mushingWhat a winning season, Michael Tetzner seems hard to beat this year. The German professional went to Alaska to compete with his sled dogs and had already won first place 14 times within the first few months of the year.

In none of his earlier years had he been so successful. Since Alaska and Germany are the grounds where Michael Tetzners’ flying sled dogs, having been plagued by the dog virus in 1987, primarily come to play, the huge logistic problem of an arduous animal air transport needs to be taken care of even before any of his dogs can be tied to a sleigh. But Michael Tetzner is having a dog’s life, in the truest sense of the word. Originally he only wanted to buy a single guard dog for his farm in North Germany. That’s when everything started. Now Teztner lives and trains his sled dogs on the Tetzner Racing Farm in Schleswig-Holstein. The farm offers the animals everything they need in their natural living conditions and nearly unlimited exercise, Michael Tetzner proudly asserts.

Travel arrangements are a top priority and after months of training in February and March he may finally logistically get on to attend the competitions with his dogs. Even after many years of experience competing in many sleigh dog contests, sending two dozen dogs on a trip via airfreight almost always provides a challenge.

The G.K. Airfreight team that has been working with Tetzner for years now, assisting him in the air transport of his animals, have their work cut out for them. Meanwhile G.K. Airfreight also appears to be one of several sponsors for the sled dog sport and tried their utmost to keep the stress of air travel for the animals as minimal as possible.

Compliance with the entry requirements for dogs and coordination with the competent veterinarians are routinely arranged.
Now Lufthansa had plotted the coastal city of Anchorage in Alaska on their flight routs years ago but nevertheless Tetzner must make do for today with landing in Canada instead. Several thousand kilometers by car would still lay ahead.

A further animal transporter would indeed have been possible using another airline but would have cost the same as shipment from Europe to Canada. A big consideration therefore for the future would be the possibility of a direct flight back to Alaska. But a change in the flight routes and destinations is presently unforeseeable. Tetzner is nevertheless grateful to his sponsors who have supported him throughout in the participation at international competitions and to once again be able to qualify for the German competitions in the coming season.

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