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Highly Poisonous Cobras from Frankfurt to Ft. Lauderdale

Southern African Spitting CobraTransporting dangerous animals like highly poisonous reptiles such as southern African Spitting Cobras demands utmost care given their lethal nature. Having more than 40-years’ experience transporting zoo animals large and small, gentle and ferocious, G.K. Air Animal Transport Services headquartered at Frankfurt Airport knows how to contend with these challenges: This was recently proven when G.K. airlifted these vipers from Frankfurt to Florida.

Using specially-constructed animal air transport cages specifically designed for the cobra sub-species Naja nigricincta, G.K. Air cage construction assures complete safety – as long as one does not inadvertently remove the lid in order to look around. That is why they attach additional warning labels so that persons unfamiliar with correct handling are made aware and are not unnecessarily involved with the operation. 

“DO NOT OPEN THIS BOX!” “VENOMOUS!” are written in large letters on the cases. “POISONOUS!” being added to the warnings by G.K. staff personnel. Mass escapes can not occur as within the transport cage, each snake is separately contained helping to prevent a “stampede.”

Origin: Wikipedia

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