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G.K. Airfreight Opens a New Office Munich

Tiertransport ab München

Major Expansion in Southern Germany, Animal Transport Services Vastly Expanded

Effective immediately, April 2012, G.K Airfreight Services GmbH, the leading pet and animal air transport shipping service will now also have a Munich Airport administrative and operations presence at Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss Airport.

Operations began April 10th, 2012, when GK’s seasoned animal transport specialists opened the new office which is located in Module F, Room #125, in the first floor of the Munich Airport Freight Terminal.

GK’s customers in those parts of Germany and other nearby countries will benefit from GK’s petshipping services in the new Bavarian location given the reduced distances to the Munich site as transient animals will enjoy shorter travel distances prior to flying to international destinations.

For more than 40 years until now, GK’s petshipping activities have been exclusively headquartered at its operational center at Frankfurt Main Airport (FRA). This significant expansion is a major, logical development, responding to customers’ needs for safe, reliable, efficient, stress-free shipment of pets. GK Airfeight’s activities are not confined to petshipping alone but also to air transport of zoo animals, breeding stock and other animal passengers. This includes birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles as well as mammals.

Naturally, all of Gradllyn Kennels’ usual safe transport practices and reliable safeguards asdeveloped by the veteran firm will performed exactly in the same manner at Munich Airport just as has been the case at the original Frankfurt center.

Munich International Airport, (whose airport code is MUC,) is Germany’s second largest airport and international hub serving upwards of 40 million passenger movements annually. It serves southern Germany, southern and southeastern Europe, as well as much of neighboring Austria, parts of Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

To speak to a GK Airfreight Services team member, the new telephone connection for information and bookings at the new Munich Airport location is: +49 (0)89 975 91 481

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