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Dog transport to China - Cosmo moves to ChinaGK Air Transport Services with some 40 years’ experience shipping house pets, zoo animals and breeding stock all over the world recently welcomed Cosmo, a four-year old Golden Retriever, to his first long distance flight. The Bavarian bowser’s master was relocating to China on a business reassignment and it would be a major move for both, getting used to a totally different environment.

Shanghai would be Cosmo’s new home in the heart of the city. Just having China as a destination would require Cosmo’s GK transportation team to have an outstanding knowledge of the burocratic conditions and requirement as well as the mentality behind all of the regulations governing the dog’s entry into the Middle Kingdom.
Fortunately, given all its experience, GK Air personnel had acquired a lot of knowledge in recent years, as well as being aware of the many sundry conditional provisions that must be absolutely observed and adhered to in order to successfully enter the country.
This includes a number of uncanny, unpredictable things which might occur. For although China is indeed an expanding, economic world power, it is for that reason or just despite that reason certain practices which otherwise in the export business are mere formalities are paid undue, special attention. 
It is not at all that unusual for it to take exactly as much time as it takes to prepare a member of the family’s relocation as it does to airfreight a house pet and make all necessary preparations in order to enter the Middle Kingdom. Furthermore, in as far as there are pets in a family, the number of pets a family possesses is strictly determined by the State which only slowly is learning to even accept the concept of a family having a cat or dog. 
However, there was no need for Cosmo the Retriever to get nervous. But for his master things looked a bit differently. A good two weeks preparation were needed for planning the pet’s transportation, a challenge which can hardly be managed without having a seasoned team at one’s side.
First off, a proper transportation cage must be obtained for a Golden Retriever which must exceed more than half a meter or 17 inches, the shoulder height of the animal. In fact in order for Cosmo to be comfortable during the long flight to Shanghai the cage must be high enough for the dog to be able to fully stretch. There must be a certain amount of freedom of movement, too. All of this is self-evident to GK’s savvy team of experts as they have been doing this for more than 40 years. 
All of the importation papers and inoculation and health records had to be be properly certified and available. These were foremost among many other points in order to assure having a happy, healthy animal on arrival at destination, as well as a pleased, happy owner. In the end Cosmo arrived safe, well, and on time, thanks to GK Air’s perfect planning and execution.
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