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GK AIRFREIGHT SERVICE, GRADLYN KENNELS GMBH was founded in 1968. By now, we look back on 40 years of specialization on live animal transportation.

The Travelling Birds: An adventure in flight Initially, Gradlyn Kennels provided their services to the members of the US Armed Forces to transport their pets to and from Germany. Over the years, this service was then expanded to all animal species, to all countries and to all kinds of customers.

Today, we transport the whole range fauna has to offer, from goldfish to giraffe, from a small box full of mice to a complete Boeing B747 cargo plane full of elephants. Whether small or big, whether alone or in groups, we have suitable space for every need and we take care for your animal, minimizing any stress on their journey as far as possible.

Basis and condition for the transportation of animals is our specially skilled staff. We are aware of the responsibility you put in our hands by entrusting us with your pet and we are willing to take charge. Professional organization for the whole process of transportation to run smoothly is guaranteed by our comprehensive experience, your pet being cared for by our employees at all times.

Gradlyn Kennels makes sure your animal is as safe as you want it to be. 

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