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News - Wenn der neue Arbeitsplatz im Ausland liegt Print E-mail
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Wenn der neue Arbeitsplatz im Ausland liegt

Haustier mit Koffer

Konzerne, Mittelstand und diplomatische Dienste, für alle Mitarbeiter, die in diesem Umfeld tätig sind, stellt sich möglicherweise irgendwann die Frage des Umzugs. Im Ausland wird eine Position besetzt. Der Umzug mit Familie und Haustieren stellt die Mitarbeiter oft vor ganz neue Herausforderungen. In vielen Fällen hilft die jeweilige Personalabteilung der großen Unternehmen, in einigen Fällen allerdings auch nicht. Dann heißt es für den wechselwilligen Mitarbeiter: Selbst Recherche betreiben.

Wie fliege ich mein Haustier von Deutschland nach China oder die Vereinigten Staaten? Von Peking nach Manila, oder gar von Rio de Janeiro nach Melbourne? Was ist zu beachten? Gibt es Quarantäne oder Probleme beim Gesundheitsschutz?

Last Updated ( Dienstag, 11 August 2015 )
Dog transport to China Print E-mail

Dog transport to China - Cosmo moves to ChinaGK Air Transport Services with some 40 years’ experience shipping house pets, zoo animals and breeding stock all over the world recently welcomed Cosmo, a four-year old Golden Retriever, to his first long distance flight. The Bavarian bowser’s master was relocating to China on a business reassignment and it would be a major move for both, getting used to a totally different environment.

Last Updated ( Freitag, 09 November 2012 )
G.K. Airfreight Opens a New Office Munich Print E-mail

Tiertransport ab München

Major Expansion in Southern Germany, Animal Transport Services Vastly Expanded

Effective immediately, April 2012, G.K Airfreight Services GmbH, the leading pet and animal air transport shipping service will now also have a Munich Airport administrative and operations presence at Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss Airport.

Operations began April 10th, 2012, when GK’s seasoned animal transport specialists opened the new office which is located in Module F, Room #125, in the first floor of the Munich Airport Freight Terminal.

GK’s customers in those parts of Germany and other nearby countries will benefit from GK’s petshipping services in the new Bavarian location given the reduced distances to the Munich site as transient animals will enjoy shorter travel distances prior to flying to international destinations.

Last Updated ( Dienstag, 11 August 2015 )
Bengal Cat ?Manu? to Manila Print E-mail

Bengal CatTravel abroad in far distant lands is a wonderful thing. However, relocation to a far-off continent is another matter, a real challenge, especially if a beloved pet house cat is part of the move and all the arrangements have to be made long-distance and through third parties.

Last Updated ( Donnerstag, 23 Februar 2012 )
Pet Transport Airfreights Immigrating Dobermann to Canada Print E-mail
 Immigration is still a topic for many people in Germany. Creating a new life abroad in conjunction with professional needs like reassignment or pursuing a new career, or just on personal preference based on impending retirement, or reasons of health, or simply a change of scenery and lifestyle. And when the die are finally cast and the decision reached, perfect planning is required. 
Last Updated ( Mittwoch, 22 Februar 2012 )
Highly Poisonous Cobras from Frankfurt to Ft. Lauderdale Print E-mail

Southern African Spitting CobraTransporting dangerous animals like highly poisonous reptiles such as southern African Spitting Cobras demands utmost care given their lethal nature. Having more than 40-years’ experience transporting zoo animals large and small, gentle and ferocious, G.K. Air Animal Transport Services headquartered at Frankfurt Airport knows how to contend with these challenges: This was recently proven when G.K. airlifted these vipers from Frankfurt to Florida.

Last Updated ( Mittwoch, 25 Januar 2012 )
G.K. Air ?Resumes Animal Transport to Iraq Print E-mail

animal-transportation.jpgTransporting a shipment of birds by air is certainly not a great challenge for the well-seasoned members of the G.K. Air Animal Transportation Services’ team – were it not for the destination: Iraq. Otherwise, the bird relocation would be like any other.

Last Updated ( Dienstag, 15 November 2011 )
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