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Export services
  • We offer a pickup service within the EU, in other countries on request.
  • Optionally, we handle any customs clearance for your animals in the country of destination.
  • In appr. 40 countries of the world there is a home-to-home-service available.
  • We have vehicles approved for animal transportation.

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You'll find the e-quote-request-tool in the left corner of this website under e-Services.

We've expanded and improved our e-Services.  For example, if you use our e-Services as a registered user, the forms will be completed with your personal data automatically.
  • All our drivers are approved by an official veterinarian.
  • We are an accredited animal transportation company of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.
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  • We offer a range of 7 differently sized plastic cages, custom-made products are available on request.
  • Optionally, we procure any import permits for South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.
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