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 The order books of the big distributers in the business clearly show that the demand for exotic reptiles and amphibians as household pets still seems to have a stable development.  A strong and steady progression can be expected, the trend being as it is, moving to ever more curiously eccentric species as part of the households that need to be relocated with their owners alike. So the pet transportation service at G.K. Airfreight regularly get to see allot of rather unusual import consignments, for which many of them require appropriate (CITES) documentation as stipulated in the laws protecting particular species.

Our guest list last week is surely not suitable for the more frail and fragile at heart:

Amongst some harmless Cornsnakes we also had a clingy Python and some highly venomous Rattlesnakes to be imported from the US. For the shipping of such pets, these exotic animals need to be inspected and cleared by the veterinarians working in public office at border control and the authorities of the customs office.

Obviously such potentially dangerous animals need to be transported in special boxes that correspond to the guidelines stipulated in the IATA´s regulations regarding the import and export of live animals (LAR). Here too, the animals may only be inspected by qualified experts.

Now in comparison to these, the rest of the import shipments our pet transportation service need to deal with on a daily basis, seem downright and straightforward, but they too require the same prudence in the selection of the right transport box, even with dart poison frogs and baboon spiders. But any and every animal transportation has its challenges since one needs to pay heed to the crucial environmental conditions each relevant species demands, and warrant these not only for the duration of the flight but also for eventual delays or cancellations due to bad weather.

When animals are being transported from abroad, not paying attention to such exigencies can under certain circumstances lead to death, especially when it comes to amphibians, as these react very sensitively to any changes in temperature and humidity.

When it comes to baboon spiders for instance, a faulty inadmissible packaging can lead to a devastating outcome should they are packed too closely when skinning, as the spiders cannot free themselves from the hull they cast off.
One can see clearly that even when these spineless creatures do not play a role in epizootic animal diseases, placing great worth on animal protection is essential even for this species.

Now for the more frail and fragile at heart, butterfly cocoons are also transported by airfreight,- flying as one could say without their own wing power. These aerial amenities, soon to be admired in various different zoos and nature reserves, are transported in their cocoon state, which is far less complicated and much easier to orchestrate. Thereafter they can then incubate, hatch and emerge to their striking colorful glory in zoological institutions all over the world.

Isn´t it nice to know that we as pet shippers can contribute to the world getting a little more color.

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