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Transportation of dangerous dogs by air Newly, a regulation pertaining to pet transport was altered insofar that dogs with aggressive tendencies or a greater propensity to bite, were listed by airlines as ‘violent or dangerous dogs’ and therefore needed under all circumstances to be contained for transportation in specific dangerous dog kennels only. Now what’s a dangerous dog kennel? What’s the difference to any ordinary Sky Kennel and how will I find an appropriate dangerous dog kennel when shipping my dog by air? These questions, amongst others, have frequently been asked...

At GK Airfreight we would be happy to advise you in any of these matters and of course we could gladly manufacture a kennel according to your dog’s size. Our high quality kennels are absolutely safe, and even exceed the strict IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR). Due to their high quality workmanship our kennels are robust and re-usable. Our experience has shown that buying dog containers that are cheap and/or too small, is not advisable.

We understand that many dog owners might be upset hearing that their sweet-tempered dog is listed as a ‘dangerous dog’ and therefore is obliged to travel in a specific dangerous dog kennel within the airplane. However, any disturbance of the air traffic due to an animal having escaped can be quite harmful to the carrier, the animal, its owner and their wallet. In addition to comfort and animal welfare, a secure container provides much better value for your money,- and should you not have read this article and arrive at the airport with an inappropriate container – in such emergency cases we can quickly have a dangerous dog kennel manufactured for the transportation of your dog in the airplane. We’ll be happy to give you any advice on dangerous dog kennels as well as ordinary sky kennels.

Simply give us a call or send us a message , we can handle any pet transport you would need to be taken care of.


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