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from home to homeWe are the first choice when it comes to moving with your pet. The fact that many renowned relocation companies have relied on our services for many years speaks for itself. You, too, can make use of our sound knowledge and experience gathered in many years in regard to any aspect of live animal transportation! We gladly offer our services to be carried out directly from home to home.

You are afraid that moving with your pet might get complicated and wearisome? It’s all so simple if you have the appropriate partner. You don’t have to take care for or to worry about anything. We’re always there to help you with words and deeds. 

We pick up your pet in vehicles specifically manufactured for us. By the way, these are unique in Europe. After having arranged for all formalities we see to the compliance of all animal welfare regulations by the airline in question ensuring a safe departure and transportation of your pet. Frequently, the customs clearance in the country of reception is done by one of our partners during the flight, guaranteeing a fast and stress-free import clearing. If desired, your pet will even be brought right to its new home. A true home-to-home service, which is used predominantly by embassies, development aid services, relocation companies or corporate groups. However, more and more private customers begin to draw on our services as well.

Treat your pet with a safe and stress-free trip. They’ll be grateful to you!
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