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How to fly endangered species Print E-mail

How does a Sheikh fly his falcon to the Arab Emirates when it is listed among the  species? First class of course! And with the pet airline service of GK Airfreight.

Animal transportation of endangered falcons Many Sheikhs in the Arab Emirates regularly make use of our pet airline service when importing and/or exporting their falcons. Herein there are many regulations that one needs to pay heed to in order to ensure that the falcon finds its way to Dubai or Abu Dhabi for instance.

Since falcons are an endangered species, it is crucial that a very special and particularly careful customs clearance needs to be employed to avoid any problems that may arise. Specifically with such a sensitive animal as the falcon, a direct flight is booked in the first class, to warrant that the animals arrive up and well at their destination.

Quite beside the painstakingly planned animal transport, a steady contact to the airline is necessary to assure a trouble free deployment. After the animal has gone through customs, GK Airfreight´s special-purpose-vehicle brings it directly to the Frankfurt Animal Lounge, the biggest and most state-of-the-art animal station worldwide.

Then following a last health check it is brought directly to the airplane. Having arrived at the airport in its home country, the proud owner can now promptly pick up the falcon coming directly out of the airplane, often accompanied by quite a festive reception.

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