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Nomaden der Lüfte – Das Geheimnis der ZugvögelThe pet airline service GK Airfreight played an important role in the organization of the documentary film ‘The Travelling Birds: An adventure in flight’ (Winged migration). Countless people certainly remember this wonderfully fascinating film, in which Jacques Perrin takes his microlight and flies over half the world with his geese. Six camera teams were needed for the diverse shootings showing 50 different species of birds in settings throughout all seven continents.

Plotting a course through a large variety of weather conditions and many different kinds of landscapes the teams traversed long enduring flights over vast distances – an experience beyond comparison. Shot over a period of three years, the film shows the ever recurring cycle of migratory birds over the course of a complete year.

Our pet airline service was commissioned for the transportation of the main characters and the microlight to Africa. The film was nominated for the Academy Awards in 2003 as best documentary film, but had to surrender the award to Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling for Columbine’. We at the pet airline service of GK Airfreight and thousands of other nature and animal enthusiasts couldn’t wait for these impressive pictures to be seen at the cinema. What a treat!

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