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Going on vacation abroad with dogs

Going on vacation abroad with dogsYou are going on vacation and you don’t want to go without your dog? For trips taking longer than 4 weeks we recommend just to take your dog with you. Prior to your departure we’ll inform you about which formalities and entry requirements are to be observed in each country and how to care for your pet prior to flying. When it comes to feeding, for example, many dog owners are likely to go over the top – this being the reason for dogs “soiling” their surroundings and finally causing considerable delays. After all, we and our airlines make a point of ensuring highest hygiene and cleanliness standards. 

You can put your mind at rest. Your pet will be best cared for and looked after by GK Airfreight Service during flight. Not only do we care for your dog during transportation for them to enjoy a stress-free vacation, moreover we’ll be happy to pick them up with one of our fully air-conditioned vehicles, if desired.

GK Airfreight Service specializes in worldwide pet shipping for more than 40 years. Quality that can be sensed by you – and your dog.
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