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Paul LenertzDear pet owners,

do you want to know why I am so keen to handle the import of your pet for you? In spite of preparing for it means – even to private persons – completing forms and getting health certificates and import permits? And in spite of the import itself being accompanied by strict officialism and being carried out under pressure of time? It’s as simple as that:  Importing pets is a great pleasure to me. Nowhere else I can give more pleasure to pets and their owners at the same time and be a witness to their joy. Those poor globetrotters, whether on 2 or 4 legs, are often kept busy with their relocation for weeks, so frequently their pets are neglected. Pets, especially dogs, do not like to be alone for long periods of time. Therefore, it is important that their transportation runs smooth and without any delays or stress. After a long journey including the import of their own pets it is great to be a witness when people and pets see each other again and everything worked out fine. 

Often, dogs notice prior to their arrival at the destination that they will be reunited with their owners. The last station during their journey is the Frankfurt Animal Lounge at the airport. After I have managed everything and all import regulations are met, you can gladly hug your dog once more.

I am a dog owner myself, having travelled by air together with my dog several times so far. So I know how happy you feel, when travelling and transportation of your dog runs smoothly and without any hassle. This is why I can understand the pet owners’ worries and gladly comply with all safety wishes - because I have a heart for animals myself. 

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