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VIP Animal Transport

VIP Hundetransport

Welcome to

G.K. Airfreight Service, Fliegender Hund, Hund mit BrilleFrequent flyers arrive in better shape. 

You want your pet to make a journey? Fine that you've found us.

We've been the experts for travelling pets at Frankfurt airport for 40 years. Whether it's a pet or a zoo transport, we readily carry out any and every animal shipping.

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Animal transportation - Special Airfreight

Here, you find an overview on our recent special animal transportation projects.

Tierversand der speziellen Art

Special animal transports - 2008

Special animal transports - 2009

Special animal transports - 2010

Special animal transports - 2011

Special animal transports - 2012 


Flüge in 2014

Tiere KW Zielort
1 Californian Sea Lion26Peking
14 McCord's box turtles
24Hong Kong
24 Geckos
2 Hermann's tortoises23Washington
520 Tropical Fish22Bangkok
2 Monitor Lizzards
520 Tropical Fish22Bangkok
2 Monitor Lizzards
4 Goeldi´s Marmosets
203 Pigeons20Lissabon
178 Pigeons20Lissabon
1 Snow Leopard
20New York
1 Cotton-Top Tamarin
1 Fidschi Leguan
2 Red-handed-tamarins
9 Hong Kong
100 Tropical Fish
8 Singapore
6 Guinea Pigs
7 San Fancisco
8 Pigeons 6 Doha
42 Pigeons
6 London
4 Squirrels 6


Relocation – Motivation für Mitarbeiter?
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Wenn der neue Arbeitsplatz im Ausland liegt

Haustier mit Koffer

Konzerne, Mittelstand und diplomatische Dienste, für alle Mitarbeiter, die in diesem Umfeld tätig sind, stellt sich möglicherweise irgendwann die Frage des Umzugs. Im Ausland wird eine Position besetzt. Der Umzug mit Familie und Haustieren stellt die Mitarbeiter oft vor ganz neue Herausforderungen. In vielen Fällen hilft die jeweilige Personalabteilung der großen Unternehmen, in einigen Fällen allerdings auch nicht. Dann heißt es für den wechselwilligen Mitarbeiter: Selbst Recherche betreiben.

Wie fliege ich mein Haustier von Deutschland nach China oder die Vereinigten Staaten? Von Peking nach Manila, oder gar von Rio de Janeiro nach Melbourne? Was ist zu beachten? Gibt es Quarantäne oder Probleme beim Gesundheitsschutz?

VIP Pet Relocation

VIP service for animal transportationThe G.K. Airfreight Servie expands its Animal Transport Service for all pet and zoo animal shipping. The customer hoping to assure that his pet is in particularly safe hands during transit can now book his very own escort at G.K. Airfreight Service. Your favourite four-legged friend can now be picked up on site and upon your request personally escorted to the airport via excess baggage. Your pet is then immediately taken into custody after landing and brought directly to his new home.
Customers increasingly demand the VIP transport (Very Important Pet). This particular transport service varies greatly from the normal animal-cargo transport service and usually is directed at domestic pet owners who want to feel assured that their pets are in safe hands during transit. A personal service of the likes is of great importance for some such customers.

G.K. Airfreight Opens a New Office Munich

Tiertransport ab München

Major Expansion in Southern Germany, Animal Transport Services Vastly Expanded

Effective immediately, April 2012, G.K Airfreight Services GmbH, the leading pet and animal air transport shipping service will now also have a Munich Airport administrative and operations presence at Munich’s Franz Josef Strauss Airport.

Operations began April 10th, 2012, when GK’s seasoned animal transport specialists opened the new office which is located in Module F, Room #125, in the first floor of the Munich Airport Freight Terminal.

GK’s customers in those parts of Germany and other nearby countries will benefit from GK’s petshipping services in the new Bavarian location given the reduced distances to the Munich site as transient animals will enjoy shorter travel distances prior to flying to international destinations.

Waza zoological gardens and aquariums

WAZA - World Association of Zoos and AquariumsFor G.K. Air it is plain to see that with WAZA, the umbrella organisation for zoos, zoological gardens and aquariums, we have a significant partner at our side with an agglomeration of professional experience in all of their members.

Our team at G.K. Air like very much to work together with zoos since their professionalism makes the whole execution of the processes involved in the transport of animals so much easier as well as being much quicker in their reactions when possibly unexpected things occur. This warrants that the animals get the maximum care and attention possible and furthermore that the essential documentation for the animal transport is complete and up to date.

40 Years Gradlyn Kennels

GK AIRFREIGHT SERVICE, GRADLYN KENNELS GMBH was founded in 1968. By now, we look back on 40 years of specialization on live animal transportation.

The Travelling Birds: An adventure in flight Initially, Gradlyn Kennels provided their services to the members of the US Armed Forces to transport their pets to and from Germany. Over the years, this service was then expanded to all animal species, to all countries and to all kinds of customers.


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