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Shipping our Animals

I know this is a little late, since your service for us was a little over a month ago, but I promised to send you an email about your wonderful service, and here it is.

You made the transportation of our animals almost worry-free.  There is always some worry about how the animals will react during the actual flight, but your assurance and description of your facilities in Frankfurt put our minds at rest for what would happen once the flight touched down.  Your immediate response to all my questions (questions you've probably heard a million times from a million concerned owners), and your politeness and reassurances, all melded together to give us a great sense of security.  And then, once we got to Frankfurt and got to your facilities (which was easy with your personal attention to our comfort and ease of driving), you made the resultant paperwork go quickly and easily - especially easy, since you took care of all the official "stuff".  It was wonderful to pick up the dog and cat with both of them awake, aware, lively, and clean - THANK YOU so very much for all you did for us to ease our peace of mind, do all the legwork for us, and then present us with our animals in such wonderful shape.

You are a blessing to those of us who travel with pets - be assured we will be happy to recommend you to other flyers.

Kathy and Steve Tidy
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