Tiertransport, Tierversand, Tierspedition - G.K. Airfreight Service
Allow me to express my sincere appreciation and heartfelt congratulations for a job well done in shipping my new GSD dog Valdano! He came to us in the best of health with no concerns whatsoever. What is even more interesting to note with GK Petshipping is their excellent customer service as represented by no other than their hands-on General Manager, Faruk Berberovik. There is only one word I could think of that best describes the kind of service they deliver - EXCELLENT!  From their communications, sending out information regarding flight details, getting their assistance on how to receive your dog with no troubles and anything else that you might need from Faruk to make your shipment as trouble free as possible.... GK Shipping is simply the best!
Highly recommended. I couldn't have asked for more! Thanks Faruk... Keep up the good work!!!
Best regards to the Petshipping Team,
Cecil T. Pilapil
Manila, Philippines

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